Spectrum Technologies, Inc. announced SpectrumWeather.com, a Web access service that enables growers to view current weather conditions from all WatchDog 2000 Weather Stations, anywhere an internet connection is available. The WatchDog Weather Station sends data directly to SpectrumWeather via WatchDog Cellular, Satellite or Spread-Spectrum Wireless Modem options. A direct interface to SpecWare 9 Pro software provides reports, graphs, disease models and other tools needed to analyze saved weather events -- wherever the user may be located.

Unlike other Web access services, SpectrumWeather allows users to uniquely label and define external sensors and view multiple stations. SpectrumWeather can also be linked to private Web sites - a great option for co-ops, ag researchers and WatchDog Weather Station dealers.

For more information, call (800) 248-8873 or www.specmeters.com.