Source: CDS-John Blue Company

CDS-John Blue Company introduced its new VisaGage II flow monitor to complement its existing line of liquid fertilizer and chemical applicator pumps. The CDS-John Blue VisaGage II easily monitors flow rates of liquid products, which helps to improve efficiency and profitability.

The newly released CDS-John Blue VisaGage II is cost-effective and simple to install. CDS-John Blue Company is offering flow monitors for spraying or fertilizer applications in single column or in sets of four flow monitor assemblies. Most CDS-John Blue Flow Monitor parts ar  interchangeable with other brands already on the market today.

The CDS-John Blue VisaGage II is manufactured with chemical resistant polypropylene adapters and clear PVC body with an additive for UV protection. There are no electronic parts that could potentially fail. Simply see the balls in line and know your rate is uniform.

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