Source: Bayer CropScience

GlyTol glyphosate-tolerant technology, a proprietary trait from Bayer CropScience, will be commercially available to cotton growers in 2011. New GlyTol technology provides season-long in-plant tolerance to glyphosate and gives growers the option to choose their trait provider and any brand of glyphosate registered for use on cotton, unless expressly prohibited on the herbicide label.

Paul Callaghan, Bayer CropScience global cotton traits manager, said GlyTol sets a new standard for glyphosate-tolerant technology and gives growers even more freedom and flexibility in their farming operations.

"GlyTol glyphosate-tolerant technology allows growers to do what they do best — effectively manage their farms on their own terms," Callaghan said. "When you combine the freedom of GlyTol with the ease of a familiar herbicide program, growers win all the way around."

GlyTol technology will be available in two high-quality, high-yielding FiberMax cotton seed varieties, FM 9101GT and FM 9103GT. These varieties are well adapted for the High Plains and Rolling Plains of Texas and provide growers more freedom in their weed management decisions.

In addition to FM 9101GT and FM 9103GT, a third FiberMax variety with GlyTol technology — FM 2011GT — will be available in limited quantities for the Southwest.

Bayer CropScience is also commercializing GlyTol technology stacked with LibertyLink technology in cotton. FiberMax FM 9250GL is the first cotton variety available with full tolerance to both glyphosate and Ignite herbicides, which allows growers to make over-the-top applications of either herbicide.

GlyTol stacked with LibertyLink technology gives growers even greater flexibility in their on-farm weed management options with two modes of action to actively fight resistant weeds and reduce the potential for future resistance.

FM 9250GL is an early maturing variety adapted to the Southwest with agronomic characteristics similar to FM 9058F.

Callaghan said Bayer CropScience is in active development to bring cotton varieties with GlyTol technology and GlyTol stacked with LibertyLink technology to other geographies across the Cotton Belt.

Extensive laboratory, greenhouse and field trials across the Cotton Belt have evaluated both the crop tolerance and agronomic performance of cotton varieties with GlyTol technology and the stacked GlyTol + LibertyLink technologies. Research and on-farm trials indicate that GlyTol technology is an excellent performer in the field and delivers a high level of convenience, efficacy and crop safety.

These are the first of many high-performance traits in the Bayer CropScience pipeline. Soon, GlyTol will be stacked with TwinLink  —   a proprietary two-gene Bt plus LibertyLink technology that, pending regulatory approval, Bayer hopes to have available by 2013.