New Audit Herbicide provides numerous convenient and effective tank-mix options for post-emergence broad spectrum broadleaf weed control with high value "spiked performance" for spring and winter wheat (including Durum), barley and triticale growers.

"By adding Audit to your tank, you can reduce the rate of other more costly herbicides and expand your spectrum of weed control," says Patrick Haikal, Herbicide Product Manager with Arysta LifeScience. "You won't find a better
value anywhere."

Audit provides broad spectrum control of over 30 broadleaf weeds plus many more when combined with other suitable tank-mix partners. It mixes with ACCase herbicides without the grass antagonism that competing broadleaf herbicides can cause - allowing the valuable grass herbicide to do its job.

Adding the spike rate of Audit to a tank-mix gives broadleaf herbicides a boost at an economical cost.

"With the tank-mixability and spike in broadleaf weed control performance it just makes sense to add Audit to every tank," concludes Haikal.

To learn more about Audit Herbicide, log onto or call 1-866-761-9397.