Corn growers in Illinois, Iowa and surrounding areas can take advantage of the highest-performing genetics and the most advanced technology with Wyffels Hybrids. The company rolled out 15 new products, including 11 new base genetics, for the 2015 growing season.

The new products include hybrids featuring Genuity SmartStax and Genuity VT Double PROtraits, as well as a Genuity VT Triple Pro traited waxy product, which are available as Wyffels Refuge in Bag (RIB). The lineup also includes conventional hybrids.

“Part of our culture at Wyffels Hybrids is to continually push the limits to find, develop and bring to market better seed corn genetics quicker than the competition,” said Shane Meis, director of research at Wyffels Hybrids. “These new hybrids have proven they perform with improved yield potential, excellent agronomics and consistency across diverse conditions and environments. We are committed to bringing our customers seed solutions that can help their operations be more profitable.” 

New for 2014 ‑ Early-season hybrids:

W1806RIB 96 RM (GENVT2P)

  • Oustanding yield for early-season maturity
  • Stable, low-risk hybrid
  • Impressive standability

W1698RIB 97 RM (GENSS)

  • Great yield potential across soil types
  • Tremendous roots and stalks
  • Early grain set-up with fast drydown

W1818RIB 97 RM (GENSS)

  • High-yielding option for northern zones
  • Excellent green snap resistance
  • Fast drydown of high test weight grain 

W1850 97 RM (CONV)

  • Large, robust plant with exciting yield potential
  • Excellent Goss' wilt tolerance
  • Semi-flex ear works across wide range of populations

W2308RIB 100 RM (GENSS)

  • First-rate stress tolerance for reliable high yields
  • Compact plant with excellent standability
  • Fast drydown for favorable yield to moisture ratios

W3358RIB 103 RM (GENSS)

  • Outstanding top end yield potential
  • Impressive root strength and high test weight grain
  • Maintains plant integrity late into the season

Mid-season hybrids:

W4968RIB 107 RM (GENSS)

  • Competitive performance across variable soil types
  • Excellent stress tolerance
  • Superb stalk strength and late season intactness

W5130 107 RM (CONV)

  • Reliable hybrid that excels across many soil types
  • Stable performance in drought environments
  • Tremendous continuous corn option when paired with a fungicide

W5448RIB 108 RM (GENSS)

  • Impressive yield performance with outstanding root and stalk strength
  • Outstanding disease tolerance, including Goss' wilt
  • Attractive staygreen

W5786RIB 108 RM (GENVT2P)

  • High-yielding hybrid with good east-to-west adaptability
  • Responds well to high populations
  • Excellent disease tolerance package

W6997wxRIB 110 RM (GENVT3P) (Waxy)

  • Exciting yield performance with wide adaptability
  • Traited waxy hybrid to capture advantages in premium markets
  • Full flex ear will respond on variable soils

W7108RIB 111 RM (GENSS)

  • Great yield across light to heavy soil types
  • Excellent standability and staygreen
  • Outstanding late harvest option 

W7158RIB 111 RM (GENSS)

  • Tremendous top-end yield potential
  • Exceptional root strength
  • Excellent greensnap resistance

Late-season hybrids:

W7730 112 RM (CONV)

  • Extraordinary yield performance, even on tough soils in stress conditions
  • First-rate drought tolerance
  • Impressive root strength

W8376RIB 115 RM (GENVT2P)

  • Excellent top-end yield potential
  • Handles heat and drought well
  • Attractive appearance through late season