Hypro’s new 2130 Series Versa-Twin Plunger Pumps are available in standard models up to 4.0 GPM & 300 psi. 

"It features an industry-first integrated automatic-demand pressure switch option," said Jared Krueger, product manager at Hypro. “Working on demand increases the pump and spray system life. It reduces the power input required and end-user installation charges by allowing for overnight charging versus continuous charging through a custom, high-amp vehicle alternator and heavy gage wire system.”

The 2130 Series Versa-Twin is constructed with a Noryl GTX body and FKM seals, providing superior resistance to corrosive chemicals. This series is ideal for moving fluids like insecticides, chlorides, fertilizers, acids and bleach in applications such as pest and mold control, turf and golf course management, fruit and vegetable fertigation, industrial fluid transfer, de-icing, and hydrostatic line testing.