University of Nebraska-Lincoln has released two irrigation apps, IrrigatePump that can help evaluate irrigation pumping plant efficiency and IrrigateCost that evaluates irrigation costs. Each of the apps cost $1.99.      

IrrigatePump — can help you identify irrigation pumping plants that are underperforming and need to be adjusted, repaired or replaced with a better design. This app guides the user to input six numbers related to pumping lift, pressure at the discharge, acre-inches of water pumped, fuel price, and total fuel used. The app then calculates a pumping plant performance rating. It also provides an estimated cost to bring the pumping plant up to standard and the number of years necessary to pay back the investment at various interest rates.

This calculator compares the fuel used for your pumping plant with the Nebraska Pumping Plant Performance Criteria (NPC). It was developed by Tom Dorn, UNL Extension Educator Emeritus; Derrel Martin, UNL water and irrigation resources specialist and William Kranz, extension irrigation specialist

It’s available in the Apple iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad at and in the Google App Store for Android

IrrigateCost — models center pivot and gated pipe irrigation systems and the most commonly used energy sources. You input information such as acres irrigated, pumping lift, system PSI, pump and pivot life, and inches applied as well as related costs such as for the well and engine, labor, energy, district fees, and taxes. The app then calculates total irrigation cost as well as total ownership and total operating costs. It also breaks down costs by irrigation well, pump, gear head, pump base, diesel engine and tank and system and calculates per acre annual cost and per acre-inch annual cost.

Results for different energy sources are displayed on separate tabs, allowing you to make side-by-side comparisons between energy options.  This app calculates ownership costs for each irrigation system component such as the well, pump, gear head, power unit and the irrigation distribution system.

The app could be used for:

• Knowing what to charge for watering a portion of a neighbor’s field. This app can help you determine the ownership costs the neighbor should pay in addition to the operating costs for each acre-inch of water pumped.

• Estimating costs to pump an acre-inch of water to help you determine how many additional bushels of a crop are needed by applying one more inch of water at the end of the irrigation season.

This app was developed by Tom Dorn, UNL Extension Educator Emeritus and is available in the Apple iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad at: and in the Google App Store for Android at:

You can learn more about these two apps at CropWatch: