Pentair’s Hypro 1542A and 1543A Series Aluminum Transfer Pumps are now equipped with tubular frames, which provide convenient gripping positions for easier handling and increased protection during transport. With their new aluminum frames, the two- and three-inch Hypro pumps deliver an ideal solution for flood water removal or applications such as lawn and garden watering and pond filling.

“The new lightweight framing shields Pentair’s Hypro Aluminum Transfer Pumps during transport, while adding to the pumps’ portability for the end-user,” states Bob Olson, product manager with Pentair’s Hypro pumps. “Hypro’s aluminum transfer pumps feature self-priming capabilities that provide a maximum suction lift of 23 feet and the ability to handle solid particles in suspension up to 3/8-inch in diameter, providing superior support for an array of heavy-duty water transport projects.”

Available in both two-and three-inch NPT pump ports, the Hypro Aluminum Transfer Pumps include durable cast iron impellers and diffusers, as well as an EPDM rubber mechanical seal and inlet valve that ensure longevity and reliability. With their field-proven, EPA-approved Hypro PowerPro engine, the 1542A and 1543A Hypro Aluminum Transfer Pumps offer a high level of both efficiency and horsepower.

Both the pump and PowerPro engine on the Aluminum Transfer Pumps are supported by Pentair’s one-year Hypro warranty and feature readily available repair parts, allowing users to tap into the pumps’ power and performance for all of their water transfer jobs.

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