TJ Technologies Inc., an agricultural company based in Watertown, S.D., dedicated to developing and providing plant-focused microbial technologies and micronutrient products to growers, announced the introduction of QuickRoots Sorghum seed inoculant to its product line. The new formulation is available now for the 2012 crop year. 

“QuickRoots has already proven highly successful on a wide variety of other crops, and now we’re pleased to extend our reach to sorghum growers, so they can also benefit from our technology,” says TJ Technologies, Inc. President, Tom Johnson.

In independent, multiple-location, replicated field trials QuickRoots SORGHUM returned a consistent, positive yield response averaging more than five bushels per acre. It is applied as a seed treatment, available as both Wettable Powder and Dry Planter Box formulations.

QuickRoots, launched in 2003, is a foundational, microbial, seed inoculant proven in field trials to increase yield. The patented, live microorganisms in QuickRoots facilitate a novel enzymatic process which releases soil nutrients from the soil profile, thereby significantly increasing seedling vigor, root volume, and fine root hairs, resulting in increased yields.

The yield response generated by QuickRoots is not duplicated by other seed treatments. While QuickRoots performs well independently, it also complements many fungicide (FST) and/or insecticide (IST) seed treatment products, by providing a synergistic beneficial bacterial and fungal component with a dual mode of action.

QuickRoots offers specific formulations designed for optimal agronomic and economic performance for use on alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, pulse crops, sorghum, soybeans, sugar beets, sunflowers and wheat.

“We continue to make advances and develop innovative ways to use our technologies with new crops,” says Johnson. “However, we are also committed to consistency and profit-proven performance, so until we’re confident that a formulation will perform, we will not offer it to our customers. Ultimately, our goal is to provide farmers and growers new tools to do what they do best—provide food, fiber and fuel for the world.”