Environmental Tillage Systems’ SoilWarriorN is designed for zone tillage combined with simultaneous application of anhydrous and liquid or dry fertilizer. The SoilWarrior N provides targeted seed zone preparation, while blending fertilizer throughout the root zone’s growth profile. ETS offers zone tillage systems ranging from 12 to 60 feet, with row spacing ranging from 20 to 30 inches or greater.

The 60-foot, 24-row SoilWarrior N delivers nutrients at a speed of up to eight miles per hour making it ideal for custom applicators and large-acreage growers. Equipped with three variable rate dry fertilizer tanks, the SoilWarrior N easily adapts to fertilizer formulation changes based on soil conditions, the calendar and comparative prices of various nutrients. ETS is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for strip tillage, as well as no-till fertilizer application.

“We are seeing more interest by ag retailers to add strip tillage with precision fertilizer application to their custom services,” notes CEO Kevin Born. Environmental Tillage Systems is headquartered in Faribault, Minn. For more information contact Rob Brown, at (507) 291-9020 or visit http://www.soilwarrior.com/.