If you thought "tire" automatically meant "rubber", a revolutionary plastic tire for pivot irrigation systems will likely change your mind. RhinoGator is a new generation of rugged industrial-quality, high-density plastic tire designed specifically for the daily rigors, weight and environmental conditions that are common under pivots. Its distinctive green color is just a hint at the differences that make RhinoGator stand out.

RhinoGator is rugged and rigid—and never goes flat. RhinoGator is waterproof and will not fill up with water or mud. The tough, high-density plastic resin formulation was specifically chosen for a wide range of conditions unique to pivot systems including bearing weight, stress and torque, material consistency, ease of handling and exposure to sunlight, moisture and chemicals. The formulation includes renewable plastic made from corn. RhinoGator carries the longest UV protection package available in the plastics industry.

RhinoGator is manufactured in the U.S. under controlled conditions for consistent sizing and reliable fit. Bolt holes are molded into the tire, not hand-drilled. Pre-cut bolts are included, eliminating the safety concerns and labor of hand-shearing bolts to length.

The RhinoGator tread design was computer-engineered for maximum ground-gripping traction on wet soils—even up inclines that challenge standard rubber tires. The non-directional tread ensures maximum performance clockwise or counterclockwise. The beefy center rib makes for a lower profile sidewall for added strength, reduced hill slippage and better self-cleaning. The large anti-slip plate ensures that RhinoGator stays firmly on the rim and doesn't slip.

RhinoGator can be easily installed using standard wrenches and typical safety equipment. RhinoGator is currently available in three standard sizes: 11.2-38, 11.2-24 and 11-24.5. RhinoGator can be installed in combination with ordinary rubber tires on a pivot system. RhinoGator is also available in a ready-to-mount tire-wheel assembly.

RhinoGator is available exclusively from Dawson Tire & Wheel of Gothenburg, Nebraska, North America's leading supplier of tires and wheels for agriculture use. For more information on the rugged RhinoGator plastic pivot tire, visit http://www.rhinogator.comor call toll free 1.888.604.3403.