Resource management is a major concern in agriculture. Farmers and ranchers worry about energy consumption, water levels, equipment operations as well as the potential of hazardous conditions that could jeopardize their livestock and consumables.

The Messenger Remote Monitoring Unit  from Global Monitoring offers the tools to remotely manage and control assets such as irrigation systems, wells/tanks/reservoirs, poultry farming equipment and livestock, barns, greenhouses, silos, and farm-produced goods by alerting specified personnel of conditions such as energy usage, temperature, power failure and security on a 24/7 basis. Functioning as a dedicated measurement and control device, the Messenger RMU provides for continuous asset management and condition monitoring of various parameters - even from remote locations.

Integrating with various sensor types such as data loggers, temperature sensors, soil/moisture sensors and programmable logic controllers, the Messenger RMU monitors conditions such as temperature, flow, water levels and power at any remote, unattended or inaccessible location.  Alerts and status reports are sent directly to a cell phone, fax or computer if a condition exceeds specified limits. Outputs from the RMU can also control equipment either automatically or by remote control. Using the remote control capabilities of the Messenger, users can start, stop or reset equipment, reducing the need to dispatch a technician. Various personnel can be assigned with limited password-protected access to verify operations simply by making a phone call.

A data logging feature of the Messenger retains detailed historical information of equipment operations and a user interface allows for visualization of historical data and direct downloading to PLCs. Once installed, users can expand usage of the Messenger as the remote monitoring unit is configurable with industry standard 0-5V, 4-20mA or dry contact sensors and expandable to 16 inputs.

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