Lincoln Electric introduces the POWER MIG® 256 to its line of POWER MIG Professional’s Choice welders, replacing the previous POWER MIG 255XT model. The updated model sets the standard for MIG (GMAW) and flux-cored (FCAW) welding in light industrial job shop fabrication, maintenance applications and repair work.

Features include:
·   Lincoln Electric’s patented Diamond Core Technology delivers a smooth arc
·   Voltage output and wire-feed-speed displayed on digital meters
·   New Magnum PRO 250L gun and 15 ft. cable
·   Convenient Coil Claw™ system for workstation organization
The POWER MIG 256 is rated 250 amps/ 26 volts at 40 percent duty cycle. Its internal MAXTRAC wire drive features a wire feed speed range of 50-700 ipm (1.3-17.7 m/min). The 208/230V input voltage model includes a 115V auxiliary receptacle for powering grinders, lights and other tools in the work area.
This new POWER MIG model is designed around Lincoln Electric’s patented Diamond Core Technology, which delivers a forgiving arc with excellent out-of-position arc stability, low spatter and a wide voltage range at a given wire-feed-speed. During set-up, digital meters display pre-set voltage and wire feed speed. During welding, actual voltage is displayed.
Shipped with a new Magnum PRO 250L gun for mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum welding, this wire welder is spool gun-ready. Users can add a premium Magnum 250LX spool gun for enhanced aluminum feeding performance.
The POWER MIG 256 also comes with a Convenient Coil Claw Cable Management System and a top-mounted gun expendables parts tray to aid workstation organization.
This wire welder is capable of:
·   MIG and flux-cored welding applications
·   Driving and regulating wire-feed-speed with a MAXTRAC drive system
·   Powering tools or lights with a 115V auxiliary receptacle
The welder’s MAXTRAC cast aluminum industrial wire drive system features dual-driven rolls for positive traction and regulated wire-feed-speed control. Its patented 100 percent wire supporting split wire guide system ensures optimal wire alignment and brass-to-brass gun connections provide improved electrical contact.
For more information on Lincoln Electric’s new POWER MIG 256, call (888) 355-3213 to obtain bulletin E7.55.