A new retro-fit seed delivery system from Precision Planting allows growers to plant corn and soybeans twice as fast as is possible with traditional seed tubes.

Jason Stoller, Product Manager for the new SpeedTube says, “Farmers are always looking for the optimum planting window in order to maximize yield. We realize the window is narrow and speed is a limiting factor. Traditional seed tubes limit planter speeds due to poor spacing.”

Stoller explains that SpeedTube solves these problems by controlling the seed, regardless of seed shape and size, all the way from the meter disk to the furrow. Feeder wheels at the top grab the seed from the disk and deposit it into a flighted belt that carries it to the bottom of the trench.   The SpeedTube belt spins at a rate that increases and decreases with planter speed, ensuring that the seed doesn’t roll when it lands in the furrow. 

“Planting with SpeedTube redefines planting accuracy in a revolutionary way.  It increases yield and productivity by allowing you to take control of seed spacing at today’s planting speeds and removes the barrier to high planting speeds when you need to,” says Stoller.

Precision Planting will be demonstrating SpeedTube at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, August 26-28. The product will be available for the Spring of 2015 on select John Deere and Kinze planters.