Performance Nutrition has introduced Castilite 0-0-15, a patented nutrient efficient, environmentally friendly granular fertilizer that delivers organic nitrogen and phosphate without actually applying N or P to a site. Castilite 0-0-15 fertilizer is designed for use wherever nitrogen or phosphate applications are limited or restricted, such as during fertilizer black-out periods or near lakes and waterways. Castilite 0-0-15 uses unique microbes to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere and unlock phosphate for up to 18 weeks. Castilite 0-0-15 is fortified with Potassium (K) which is especially beneficial for sandy soils.

Castilite 0-0-15 fertilizer contains 70% NutriSmart, a biological eco-fertilizer and humate soil amendment. Castilite 0-0-15 helps build a sustainable ecosystem by enriching the soil with organic matter and by supporting diverse microbial populations.

“Castilite 0-0-15 is right in line with Performance Nutrition’s mission to deliver the nutrients that plants, turf and agricultural crops need, through sustainable programs, and without threat of fertilizer run-off. Our products are all a part of an Ecosystem Management Program that focuses on total plant health that also provides for sustainable practices for the overall environment,” said Don Pucillo, president of Performance Nutrition.

Castilite Nutrient Efficient Fertilizers:

  • Improve the Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) of chemical fertilizers
    • Reduce nutrient leaching
  • Provide consistent growth with fewer surges
    • Nitrogen is released gradually throughout the plant’s growing season, as turf needs it, which results in precise feeding that lasts up to 18 weeks.
  • Efficiently deliver organic nitrogen, which means fewer applications needed to maintain healthy, green turf
  • Improve soil fertility and support sustainable ecosystem management
  • Provide organic substances for soil improvement and root enhancement
  • Increase soil organic matter and improve the soil environment for beneficial microbes
  • Unlock silica from the soil to build strong cell walls and improve turf turgidity

Environmental Stewardship with Castilite Nutrient Efficient Fertilizers:

  • Reduce nutrient leaching
  • Improve fertilizer utility
  • Build a sustainable ecosystem