The Tri-Seal Gasketless Openhead Plastic Pail Cover from BWAY Corporation, a leading manufacturer of rigid metal and plastic packaging, produces a watertight/airtight seal without a gasket. Ideal for foods, paints, adhesives, lubricants, building products, consumer products and more, it can be used anywhere a typical gasketed cover is used. No special capping equipment is needed.

The cover works with standard rigid-plastic pails and is a drop-in replacement for a standard gasketed cover on most filling lines, with only minor adjustments to existing capping equipment. Since the Tri-Seal Cover eliminates the need for a gasket, concerns with gasket twisting, incomplete seating, and gasket rebounding are averted.  

The patented design of the molded Tri-Seal Cover comprises a primary inner plug “cork” seal that is unaffected by changing top loads, a secondary top “flap” seal that engages the lip of the pail, and a tertiary outer “stretch” seal for added security. In a battery of tests including recover, drop, shake, stack, compression, crack-resistance, etc., the Tri-Seal Cover performed as well or better on five-gallon pails than a typical gasketed cover. For instance, pails with the Tri-Seal Cover showed increase stacking strength when compared with standard gasketed covers.

The Tri-Seal Cover is also environmentally friendly. Eliminating the non-recyclable ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber gasket allows the 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cover to be fully recyclable with the pail. In addition, the cover may be combined with the TwinShot pail, a BWAY exclusive technology that provides the ability to add up to 50% post consumer regrind (PCR) content to meet legislative requirements.

Available in a multitude of shapes and sizes (the industry’s most comprehensive line of rigid-packaging solutions), BWAY containers hold a wide variety of products, including paints, coatings, construction supplies, janitorial supplies, lubricants, adhesives, automotive additives, detergents, foods and specialty chemicals.  BWAY works closely with customers to understand their packaging performance requirements and recommend the best container for the application. In-house testing ensures reliability, and quality-control programs ensure consistency. The company’s innovative experts can also help choose the decorating process and photo-quality graphics that best enhance the container’s visual appeal. BWAY Corporation is a leading North American supplier of general-line rigid containers. The company operates 22 plants throughout the United States and Canada, serving industry-leading customers. 

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