Thunder Creek Equipment, a leading manufacturer of fuel and service trailers, has expanded its product line with the introduction of a new trailer designed specifically for in-field equipment service.

This trailer holds 440 gallons of fluid in combinations of 25, 55 and 110 gallon capacities. It can be configured with up to eight tanks. These can be used for various oils and lubricants, oil reclaim, as well as antifreeze, diesel fuel and diesel exhaust depending on operational needs. Grease systems are also available.

The pumping systems are protected by two hatch doors located on either side of the trailer.  Pneumatic pumps are powered by a combination compressor / generator located in the rear utility box. Owners can upgrade to Thunder Creek’s Air N Arc 150, a combination 3-in-1 welder / air compressor / generator, providing more versatility when maintaining equipment in the field.

The front toolbox, located in the nose of the trailer, has a used filter drain pan and space for additional equipment needed to service equipment.

“This trailer is all about minimizing the time needed to service equipment in the field, without the capital investment that comes with a dedicated lube truck,” said Mike VanderLinden, Product Engineer at Thunder Creek Equipment.

The service and lube trailer joins Thunder Creek’s line of single- and double-wall fuel and service trailers and DEF delivery systems. To learn more visit