KSi Conveyors Inc. recently unvealed the KSi 4808NGA Seed Applicator for advanced and accurate seed treatment. The patent-pending KSi applicator features numerous technological advances and design elements to address seed treatment needs of downstream seed treaters today.

The KSi design approach provides solutions to the most common challenges encountered in the industry. The design of the 4808NGA specifically pinpoints solutions for:

  • Low inlet/head height for easier, more flexible installations
  • Accurate, uniform chemical application for faster conditioning
  • Conditioned, polished seed for optimal plant-ability and appearance
  • Fast clean-out for increased throughput.

The specialized seed treatment offerings of today are scientifically designed chemicals that must be applied to seed very accurately, with label application rates as precise as milligrams of active chemical ingredient per individual seed.

The KSi applicator’s new equipment and hardware design elements leverage established KSi software and process automation innovations to simultaneously control seed flow and chemical flow rates, ensuring accurate chemical application.

Founded in 1999, KSi Conveyors Inc. is located in Cissna Park, Ill., and Sabetha, Kan. More information including contact information is at www.ksiconveyors.com.