Innoquest, Inc., the designer and manufacturer of sensors and measurement instruments, recently unveiled the SpotOn Flow Meter, the first handheld electronic flow meter designed specifically for irrigation nozzles.

Primarily for measuring the flow rate from nozzles on center pivot irrigation systems, the SpotOn Flow Meter comes with a plastic boot that is placed around the operating nozzle to capture and direct the flow downward. It is easy to use and digitally displays the flow rate in GPM, L/min or L/hr in less than a minute.

"The SpotOn Flow Meter is ideal for use by growers who use center pivot irrigation systems," Bill Hughes, president of Innoquest, said, "but it can also be used in industrial settings and for home inspections. Although determining the flow rate of irrigation nozzles is important for a variety of reasons, it is especially critical during initial setup when the flow rate should correspond to the system's design specifications. By measuring flow rate regularly, it's also easy to check for nozzle wear, obstruction or regulator problems.

The SpotOn Flow Meter can be used to measure the flow of irrigation nozzles, pumps and piping with flow rates up to 15 GPM. It's also great for home inspections, e.g., checking silcocks, shower heads and sink faucets. Self-contained and battery powered, the meter features a simple, rugged design that requires no plumbing or fittings and includes no moving parts. The SpotOn Flow Meter is only compatible with water and water-based solutions and currently lists for $249.

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