Goodyear Farm Tires has introduced a new category of tractor tires - Extreme Flotation. When compared to a traditional dual setup, the wide footprint of Extreme Flotation tires provides a smoother ride, tighter turn radius, reduced overall width for easier roading, improved flotation and reduced soil compaction.

Two Goodyear Farm Tire lines fall into the Extreme Flotation category - the Goodyear Super Terra Grip XT 1000/40R32 and the Goodyear DT930 1100/45R46. Both tires come with the added benefit of Low Sidewall (LSW) technology, reducing road lope and power hop, and improving lateral stability on hillside conditions.

"Growers can really benefit from running Extreme Flotation tires instead of narrow duals on their tractors for three-quarters of the growing season," said Scott Sloan, agricultural product manager for Titan and Goodyear Farm Tires. "These tires are perfect for getting better flotation in normal or wetter conditions during spring tillage, fieldwork and planting, as well as during harvest when pulling the grain cart. Any steps you can take to reduce soil compaction during these tasks are sure to help your yield - especially if you're a no-till or minimum-till grower."

Extreme Flotation versus duals
A common factory setup on an MFWD tractor places 480/80R50 duals on the rear and 420/85R34 singles on the front. This conventional setup results in a total contact area of 2,368 inches - the front running at 15 psi and the rear running at 9 psi. Switching to the Goodyear DT930 1100/45R46 on the rear and the Goodyear Super Terra Grip XT 1000/40R32 on the front increases the contact area by nearly 20 percent to 2,716 inches - and reduces ground pressure - with the front running at psi and rear at 6 psi.

"By spreading the total weight of the tractor over a 20 percent larger area at a lower inflation pressure, the grower can expect a 20 percent improvement in flotation and less ground pressure, which equates to significantly less soil compaction and a much more comfortable ride," said Sloan. "That's why we're calling it Extreme Flotation."

Combining Extreme Flotation with LSW
Goodyear Extreme Flotation tires also have LSW technology, which features a larger wheel diameter and smaller sidewall than a conventional tire. This decreases the likelihood for recoil, which improves ride quality and stability, and reduces power hop and road lope.

All Goodyear Farm Tire products undergo rigorous field testing, and the Extreme Flotation products were no different, undergoing tests in a variety of field conditions.

"Our Extreme Flotation tires have received excellent feedback from the field," said Sloan.

Sackett Ranch, Inc. tests Extreme Flotation
"It's very challenging for equipment to perform well in our light soils, and it's important that we have the right tires," said Larry Sackett, owner of Sackett Ranch - an 11,000-acre potato, corn, pea and wheat operation in Stanton, Mich.

After making the switch to Extreme Flotation on his Case Magnum 340 tractors and Axial-Flow 5088 combines, Sackett said, "The reaction from our operators has been very positive."

"With the old tires, we dealt with turning problems and a rough ride," said Gerald Foster, tractor operator at Sackett Ranch. "This setup is a much better ride with the air pressure. It's made a big difference in the way the tractor operates."

"The difference was phenomenal. It was just floating," said David Auernhamer, combine operator at Sackett Ranch. "I don't have the rocking, and I don't have the wheel-hopping. The piece of equipment rides better, drives better and floats better. It makes our jobs a lot easier."

Using Extreme Flotation with row crops
"If you run a self-propelled sprayer or you have a co-op taking care of your side-dressing, your tractor likely doesn't see any time in the field post-emergence," added Sloan.

"In that case, running a flotation tire year-round is a no-brainer. Even if you have to swap them out for duals to do a few things in the summer, you're going to get three times the use out of the Extreme Flotation tires throughout the season, creating less compaction with every trip through the field than you will with the duals, and you'll experience much better ride quality doing it ."

Goodyear Farm Tires is American-owned and manufactured by Titan Tire Corporation, a subsidiary of Titan International, in Des Moines, Iowa, and Freeport, Ill.

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