Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering claims to have developed a new Model 5x32 Fuel Purifier that removes 99.997 percent of the visible water at flow rates of up to 12 gallon per minute and over 95 percent of the large contaminates found in diesel fuel. This is all done without the use of replaceable, changeable or cleanable filter elements. There are no moving parts, except the fuel inside the purifier. There are no elements to clean and dispose of, only purging the water and particulates. Test data can be seen at http://www.dieselcraft.com/docfiles/WaterRemoval.pdf

The quality of today’s diesel fuel has not advanced; it in fact has deteriorated, according to some fuel specialists. Today’s diesel fuel contains more water than the fuel of just a few years ago.

Water is the greatest concern because it is the most common form of contaminant. Water may be introduced into the fuel supply during fueling when warm, moisture laden air condenses on the cold metal walls of fuel storage tanks or from poor housekeeping practices. The effects of water in diesel fuel can be serious. Water displaces the diesel fuel. When the fuel is displaced wear occurs because lubrication is now absent.

Water means microbes. The problem is compounded once microbes are present: bacteria plus water plus oxygen equals more bacteria plus carbon dioxide plus more water. None of this scenario is good for fuel.

The new Model 5x32 Fuel Purifier is ideal for those that need to incorporate a fuel polishing systems on a fuel storage tank. Dieselcraft reports it has models to fit any application.

The Dieselcraft Purifier can be mounted on the engine, at the fuel dispensing pump, where it cleans the fuel before it goes into a vehicle or in a fuel polishing and re-circulating application to maintain stored fuel.

More information is at http://www.dieselcraft.com/diesel-fuel-purification-systems.php