Cultura Technologies Inc. announced a new release of the binSight automated bin management system. The binSight system provides grain handlers and merchandisers up-to-the-minute inventory information for meeting contract requirements and producing more profitable blends, as well as enables operations and management personnel to keep track of grain for traceability.

The latest version of the binSight system includes the following updates:  

  • Data output and reporting enhancements that further improve risk and inventory management.
  • New Bin Inventory by Product report which presents, by commodity, total quantity and quality information throughout the facility (in addition to by bin and by annex).
  • Enhancements to the electronic bin board regarding presentation of averaged grade factors.
  • Time saving features for empty/clean and measure up events.
  • Improvements to the Plant Control System integration for deployment flexibility and ease-of-use.

"We are excited to release this new version that includes several beneficial capabilities based on valuable user feedback," says Allen Smith, senior product manager with Cultura Technologies Inc. "Users can benefit from even greater time savings in conducting necessary bin activities, plus improved decision making from enhanced reporting," adds Smith.

For more information, call 800-518-0472 or send an email to Information about the binSight system, including a product brochure and user testimonial, can be found at