Whether crop production calls for fertilizer, herbicides, fungicides or insecticides, chemigation has become a quick and cost-effective method of applying the product. Even if the crop is too tall for a mechanical sprayer, a producer can still provide a timely application through the irrigation system. If only finding the appropriate injection pump was as easy.

Fortunately, Agri-Inject has greatly simplified that process with a new  “Apply Yourself” app that is appropriate for a wide range of industries, including virtually any agricultural, nursery, turf or green industry market. Available in versions for both Android and iOS devices, the Apply Yourself app is designed to take the complication and guesswork out of selecting and calibrating an injection pump for virtually any type of application.

“Apply Yourself comes pre-loaded with specifications and photos of every injection pump available from Agri-Inject,” says Neal Saxton, director of global sales for Agri-Inject. “However, it goes far beyond the detailed descriptions,” he adds. “This app also allows a grower to enter the specific data points about their application via five simple sizing questions, such as field size, irrigation timing, injected liquid type and rate, and obtain and output a ranked list of the best pumps that fit that application.”

Saxton goes on to explain that the free app works with all metric and English units and that producers can even mix the units of measure. The app does all the math. As an example, a farmer may have the field size in acres, the application rate in ounces per 100 square meters and the pressure in BAR. Apply Yourself automatically performs all of the conversions to make the proper recommendations.

“Producers are always amazed at how quickly the app’s intelligent-ranking system adjusts for multiple factors in determining the most suitable pump for each application,” Saxton concludes. “What’s more, each user is able to keep a custom list of the relevant pumps for his or her operation for future use.”

To download a free version of the Apply Yourself app, which also includes a function that makes pump calibration quick and easy, simply visit www.agri-inject.com/app, fill out the form and download the app to your device.