EARS Plant Photosynthesis Monitoring is launching the miniPPM, an affordable plant photosynthesis meter. It is the ultimate tool for growers and Extension workers.

The measurement is based on the chlorophyll fluorescence, a very weak optical signal emitted by the plant. It is invisible, but picked up by the instrument and accurately measured. This readily provides information on the plant's condition and growth.

Weed control is a major application field. To save the environment, low dose herbicide spraying is more and more used. But the farmer can’t see if the weed is dying. Here, the miniPPM provides the answer. The instrument also shows if the crop is suffering from herbicide treatment.

In greenhouse horticulture the miniPPM is an excellent tool  for climate control. The instrument shows if the crop is stressed due to excess light or water shortage. It assists in timely light screening and irrigation, which is essential to prevent growth loss and crop damage.

In the U.S., the instrument is used for plant breeding. Spruce and pine seedlings are subjected to stress (frost, heat…) and thereafter measured. Those with the highest photosynthesis are selected for further cultivation. 

The miniPPM-100 is an extension to your green fingers. Just put it in your pocket and use it everywhere. A measurement takes less than a second!

For research there are more advanced models. The miniPPM-300 measures automatically a complete photosynthesis-light curve and produces a corresponding measuring report, thus characterizing the growth properties of a species or variety.

More information is available at www.ears.nl/ppm or contact us at ppm@ears.nl.