A portable pedestal-mounted LED light that offers high power and the versatility and stability of magnetic mounting from Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com might have a fit for use by ag retailers in a number of different situations.

This magnetic mounted light is designed to provide a lighting option for employees requiring high-powered portable area lighting. The light is designated as the BML-150LED magnetic pedestal work area light. It provides as much illumination as 400 watt metal halide units and can be used as a portable pedestal or temporary magnetic back mount light. This light is heavy duty, built to withstand the elements, and operates with standard AC voltages.

This light produces 14,790 lumen light output. This unit features an IP68 rated waterproof LED assembly, aluminum pedestal mount platform, and four 200-pound-grip magnetic feet that provide a total of 800 pounds of gripping force for secure mounting to any ferrous metallic surface. The aluminum frame of the LED work light is designed for rugged use and portable versatility with heavy gauge aluminum construction and adjustable carry handle.

This light can be operated as a simple work area pedestal light, or mounted to tank walls or on equipment to provide illumination in areas where mounting options are limited. It is constructed to handle demanding conditions of outdoor and industrial work operations. It comes with a 25-foot electrical plug cord for operation with 120-277 AC current. The BML-150LED is available from Magnalight.com.