Hemisphere GPS announced the availability of long range RTK for Outback Guidance systems featuring Hemisphere GPS’ Eclipse GNSS receivers. Available in the new Outback A220 series receivers as well as an upgrade to existing receivers, the long range radio data link allows farmers to expand their areas of operation and complete more work in less time.

Typical radios in a GPS base station and rover setup limit the distance from base station to rover to approximately 6 miles—this means farmers must move their entire base station each time the machines (rovers) are more than 6 miles from the base. With the new long range radios, farmers now have the capability to complete much larger areas at one time—up to 18 miles from base station to rover. For larger farms, this results in less time spent moving equipment and subsequently less time in the field completing the same amount of work.

"We’re always looking for new ways to enhance the productivity of our customers," said Jeff Farrar, Director of Marketing, Agriculture, for Hemisphere GPS. "Adding long range radio functionality to Outback A220 and A221 GNSS receivers further enhances the ability of farmers to get more done in less time, especially for large?scale farmers. When combined with our Outback S3 guidance and eDriveX autosteer products, we continually raise the bar in providing a complete farming solution."

The 400 MHz long range radios are currently available in the Outback A220 and A221 receivers, both as new units and upgrades. The long range RTK feature is also available in other Hemisphere GPS products.

Please visit Hemisphere GPS in booths 9435 (outdoors) and 50303 (indoors) at the Western Canada Farm Progress Show today through June 17th to see our Outback Guidance products. Outback A220 and A221 with long range radios are available through http://www.outbackguidance.com/ or through Outback Guidance Centers and select Hemisphere GPS distributors worldwide.