Hanna Instruments announced the release of 12 new Checker HC Handheld Colorimeters.

Designed as an accurate, affordable alternative to chemical test kits, the new Checker HC portable meters measure a variety of parameters including:

  • Ammonia (Low, Medium and High Ranges)
  • Nitrite (Low and High Range)
  • Total Chlorine (Ultra Low Range and High Range)
  • Low Range Silica
  • Bromine
  • Chromium VI
  • Marine Calcium
  • Alkalinity

The Checker line of hand held colorimeters are perfect for testing water quality in saltwater aquariums, water treated to remove chlorine prior to RO, cooling towers, swimming pools and spas as well as spot checking water quality in wastewater, plating and environmental applications.

“Our handheld Checker’s fill a unique niche between chemical test kits and high end laboratory colorimeters” said Paul Fabsits, Vice President of Global Business Development for Hanna Instruments. “They are far more accurate and easy to use than a chemical test kit, yet are inexpensive enough for an everyday costumer to use.”

Hanna’s new Checker’s will be available through any of our 40 international locations. These offices provide Hanna customers with local service, support and training and are part of Hanna’s goal to provide an exceptional local customer experience.