The 2940 Air Adjust series of products from Yetter, including the 2940 Residue Manager, Coulter/Residue Manager Combo, Firming Wheel, Rolling Basket, and the Floating Residue Manager Basket Combo, allows for easily making on-the-go adjustments.

Integral to the Air Adjust system is the Yetter-exclusive Pneumatic Hydraulic Control Kit, which hooks into an existing or new hydraulic compressor to control air to the 2940 Series product line. This allows growers to adjust up and down pressure without leaving the cab. The control kit’s small dimensions, only 12” by 12” by 6”, make installation easy.

With the 2940 Air Adjust cab controller, the easy-to-read digital screen and buttons allow for precise adjustments, making it convenient to change settings between different conditions. Down pressure can be increased to improve results in no-till and heavy residue conditions. In tilled soil and lighter residue, down pressure can be decreased to allow the cleaners to float with field conditions. The residue managers can be raised for waterways, end rows, wet spots, and more.

The in-cab controller also features preset options to which you can save up to five different settings. “Now you can make adjustments to settings with the push of a button, leading to even seed emergence and increased yields,” said Yetter Territory Manager Jared Head.