Davis Instruments announced a breakthrough in remote weather monitoring with the release of Vantage Connect, the lowest-cost solar-powered cellular solution for reporting real-time weather conditions on farms, ranches, orchards and outdoor nurseries.

Designed to provide weather data from remote locations, Vantage Connect helps Ag professionals receive microclimate data from any place with cellular coverage that lacks power or a person to monitor the weather. 

Weather data is uploaded to the web every five, 15 or 60 minutes, and is accessible via smartphone, tablet or PC. The real-time alarms alert growers and ranchers to changing conditions, sending data from the field the moment the change occurs. This enables Ag managers to identify and manage potential problems, including those resulting from frost or freezing conditions, extreme heat, high winds and/or heavy rain. For field managers, Vantage Connect offers weather data that can help keep employees safe during field work.

"Our goal at Davis Instruments is to offer high-quality, affordable weather products to the agricultural community," said Susan Foxall, marketing director, Davis Instruments. "Vantage Connect provides real-time information that allows ag managers to respond to their environments in order to mitigate risk and make smarter decisions. They have access to information about specific weather conditions at their chosen location, including remote properties or acreage, so they know when it's necessary to act."

Solar-powered, Vantage Connect does not require an external power source and uses the cellular network to transmit weather data to the Internet. Vantage Connect can be paired with any of Davis' integrated sensor suites or special purpose stations to create a remote, location specific, stand-alone weather station. It also integrates easily with any existing Davis Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue weather station. 

Vantage Connect also integrates with Davis Instruments' Wireless Leaf & Moisture/Temperature Station as well as the Davis Wireless Temperature & Humidity Station.

Vantage Connect combines the functionality of a weather station console with an integrated data logger and cellular modem in a self-contained, weather-resistant shelter. Along with mounting hardware, Vantage Connect includes WeatherLink software and a WeatherLink network account.

A basic remote weather station, including Vantage Connect and a wireless Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite starts at $945. Current weather stations owners can purchase Vantage Connect for $695. Annual service plans for Vantage Connect start at $119; activation fee is required.

For more information, visit www.davisnet.com.