Comatra Belgium introduces its tire pressure monitoring system for agricultural tires.

Agricultural tubeless tires of the latest low pressure technology are quite expensive. Operating equipment with correct tire pressures does prevent soil compaction. Excess speed is potentially dangerous and may cause wheel or tire failure.

Down times due to tire punctures or rim failures can be avoided! Fuel prices are extremely high!

What do tire manufacturers recommend?

Comatra introduces tire pressure monitoring systemTire manufacturers – distributors recommend their customers to check tire pressures regularly.

Ironically, agricultural tire distributors - at least over here in Europe - ignore our system fearing it will decrease their sales volumes!

Inflation pressures should be checked daily but it’s not done! Why not?

Tires do lose pressure each day.

Checking pressures with a standard pressure gauge is too much of a hassle and very often “forgotten” by the operators as they are all in a hurry.

With the right amount of air pressure, tires wear longer, save fuel, enhance handling, and prevent accidents.

The Comatra Agricultural Equipment Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Unlike so many other existing systems available on the market using external sensors or sensors in valve caps causing either malfunctions all the time or not able to measure the so essential low pressures, our valve stem mounted sensors are installed inside the rim preventing them from being damaged and well protected against corrosion and hazardous elements!

The unique Comatra tire pressure monitoring system is specifically and specially designed for any agricultural machinery fitted with low pressures operating tires.

Our valve stem mounted sensor perfectly fits the ETRTO V5.01.1 - TR618A rim hole.

Our system does measure pressures from 0.4 bar to 7 bar (6 to 101 psi).

An audiovisual alarm warns the operator when the tire pressure drops by more than 10 % or when the temperature gets higher than 80°C or 176°F.

Easy to install 

Just push the tire bead sufficiently backwards on the rim and replace the existing valve by our valve stem mounted sensor.

Plug the monitor into the cigar jack or any other electric power contact in the cab, set the cold  operating pressures and ready to go !

How much does it cost ?

Peanuts compared to the cost for puncture repairs, men and machines standing down for a couple of hours or the cost of one new tire !

Retail price for a complete set of four valve mounted sensors plus display is: 378,00 Euro or 489,00 USD ex Belgium.

Retail price for a complete set of six valve mounted sensors plus display is: 472,00 Euro or 606,00 USD ex Belgium. 

Composition Kit:

  • 4 or 6 valve stem mounted sensors.
  • One monitor – display 12V-24V with cigar plug socket.
  • One 12V-24V power cable with cigar plug adapter.
  • One dashboard mount bracket.

Comatra does not advertise or unveil any specific details of its system on a website.

For more information, contact Comatra Belgium, Tel  + 32 11 68 22 39, Fax + 32 11 68 60 26, E-mail: