Brandt, a manufacturer of agricultural specialty products, has entered into a new manufacturing and distribution agreement with FT Soluciones América, an affiliate of Spain-based Fertinyect S.A. Fertinyect S.A. was established in 1991 and is known for its patented tree injection system developed by University of Córdoba in Spain.

This agreement will allow Brandt to deliver pesticides, nutrients and bio-stimulants to trees through the patented FERTINYECT Low Pressure Trunk Injection (LPTI) system. With this venture, Brandt will formulate, package and sell uniquely formulated solutions for  agriculture and landscape markets worldwide, including parks, home and garden, and forest environments where conventional foliage or soil applications are not optimal.

“We are thrilled with this partnership,” said Bill Engel, SVP of Specialty Formulations at Brandt. “Together, we and FT Soluciones América will launch a breakthrough delivery system that is highly efficient, economical, environmentally-friendly, and safe for injecting trees with the best chemistries for more effective plant protection, tree nutrition and sustainable tree production.”

Brandt and FT Soluciones América are exploring the global commercial prospects of this unique latex injection technology.