BioWash USA is expanding the market reach of its family of Biowash 100 and Biowash 25 Fertilizer Enhancers to a national level. They are produced using quantum chemistry, and composed of 99 percent plant-based ingredients. Biowash improves the efficiency of plant absorption of nutrients from the soil allowing plants in poor soil conditions to produce more fruits and vegetables. The science used by Biowash allows an ionic exchange in soil known as Cationic Exchange Capacity (CEC).

This quantum chemistry used to produce Biowash creates particles some 8 angstroms in diameter. This microscopic size allows Biowash Fertilizer Enhancer to penetrate into the fibers of the plant and increase the electromagnetic attraction between plant roots and nutrients in the soil. It also increases the sugar content (BRIX) of plants, which aids in the photosynthesis process and allows plants to grow larger, sweeter fruit, and become more immune to insects that can’t digest sugar.

Biowash contains no cancer-causing ingredients and meets the EPA’s prestigious classification of “readily bio-degradable”.  Biowash is completely non-toxic, groundwater safe, non-fuming, and “Clean Air Solvent” certified.

BioWash USA CEO John Burt said, “Farmers and gardeners want to get the most crop production using the least amount of fertilizers and pesticides possible. Plants typically absorb some 35 percent of the available nutrients in commercial fertilizers. Biowash increases absorption rate of nutrients, and increases the sugar content of the plant, which combine to improve plant health and crop yield.”

Biowash 100 is a super concentrate for large farms, and Biowash 25 is a concentrate designed for home gardeners. Both are highly dilutable, with 1 gallon of Biowash 100 making enough mix to spray up to 25 acres. The cost per application for Biowash ranges from $6 to $8 per acre. Studies have shown an increase in crop yield of 15 percent to 40 percent with multiple applications.

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