A new BASF mobile platform provides access to all crop protection product information for tablets and smartphones.

BASF launched a new mobile platform, m.agproducts.basf.us, for its U.S.-based crop protection products. This platform gives BASF customers and employees access to company and product information for use on all tablets and smartphone models. 

“BASF is committed to the future of agriculture and this mobile website will allow our customers greater access to the information they need to do their job,” said Paul Rea, vice president, U.S. Crop Protection, BASF. “The trends are clear. With each passing day, there is greater use of tablets and smartphones on the farm. Whether it is on the tractor or in the office at home, our growers are getting their information through these formats. Now, they will have easy access to information for any BASF product they are using.”

The m.agproducts.basf.us website features full access to all BASF Crop Protection product information. This includes relevant product labels and material safety data sheets (MSDS). The Contact Us section has a Rep Finder option to allow customers to quickly find out the BASF representative for their location. This section also has Customer Service and Media Contact information available.

The Product section gives customers an A to Z listing of the BASF product portfolio. Each product features information on How It Works, Labeled Crops, Problems Controlled and a Research Library. The m.agproducts.basf.us platform allows users to share any of the information through social media including Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube.