AgraQuest, Inc. announced the addition of a new product, Bio-Tam fungicide, to its line of soil and foliar products. Bio-Tam is labeled for a wide range of crops, including cucurbits, leafy vegetables and root and tuber vegetables such as carrots, and will be available to growers immediately.

A unique soil fungicide, Bio-Tam combines two species of Trichoderma fungi, Trichoderma asperellum and Trichoderma gamsii, to optimize control of soil borne diseases. This combination allows Bio-Tam to effectively and consistently protect crops under varying environmental conditions.

"Once applied, Bio-Tam quickly colonizes the soil and competes with plant-pathogenic fungi for critical nutrients and space. Additionally, Bio-Tam attacks the cell walls of pathogens, actively inhibiting disease infection," said Ken Phelps, North American Marketing Manager for AgraQuest. "This bi-modal activity of Bio-Tam fungicide improves crop quality and yields by enhancing overall root health, while promoting water and nutrient uptake."

The naturally occurring active ingredients of Bio-Tam help growers manage soil diseases and maximize the health of their crops. 

The launch of Bio-Tam fungicide, through a partnership with Isagro, reflects AgraQuest's continuing commitment to expand product offerings and provide growers with superior solutions for disease management and integrated pest management programs.