A1Microbes uses a unique blend of natural microbes formulated to improve plant production, and restore soil that has been damaged by overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides which can build up in the soil.

The issue of soil health has come to the forefront in the 21st century as an increasing body of research and evidence is showing that conventional agriculture practices, such as intensive plowing, mono-crop agricultural systems and over-application of conventional fertilizers and pesticides, have damaged and depleted soils.

Although synthetic fertilizers add necessary nutrients to cropland, they fail to restore soil matter and have been shown to adversely affect soil productivity. Regular use of synthetic fertilizers can cause long-term depletion, compaction and degradation of overall soil quality. Over-fertilization also causes important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium to gradually leach out of the soil.

According to 2013 report from USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, "Managing for soil health is one of the most effective ways for farmers to increase crop productivity and profitability while improving the environment. Positive results are often realized within the first year, and last well into the future...Farmers who manage their land in ways that improve and sustain soil health benefit from optimized inputs, sustainable outputs and increased resiliency. Healthy soils benefit all producers - managers of large, row crop operations to people with small, organic vegetable gardens. Healthy soils provide financial benefits for farmers, ranchers and gardeners, and environmental benefits that affect everyone."

A1Microbes soil health products provide farmers, growers and ranchers a simple, effective and sustainable solution to maintain healthy and productive soil for crops while meeting the increasing regulatory, environmental and cultural challenges of agricultural production in the 21st century.

According to Ryan Knudson, a commercial hay grower from Ellensburg, Washington, "The fields that I treated with A1Microbes products had better yields, required fewer inputs and the quality of the hay is the best I've ever seen."

A1Microbes use natural microbes to help to break down toxins and chemicals in the soil. This process releases beneficial microbes and nutrients to ensure a healthy vigorous plant and speed the breakdown of material and convert it into soluble forms of nitrogen and phosphorus, bringing overall soil health into balance. More importantly, continued or seasonal use of A1Microbes can restore depleted or damaged soil and greatly reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and fumigants.

As a result, A1Microbes soil health products can help to:

  • Increase Production - Healthy soils typically have more organic matter and soil organisms which improve soil structure, aeration, water retention, drainage and nutrient availability.
  • Increase Profits - Healthy soils may require fewer passes over fields because they are only minimally tilled and they aren't over-reliant upon excessive nutrient inputs to grow crops. Healthy soils can increase farmers' profit margins by reducing labor and expenses for fuel, and optimizing inputs.
  • Protect Natural Resources - Healthy soils hold more available water. Good infiltration and less need for fertilizers and pesticides can reduce the loading nutrients and sediment loading. Groundwater is also protected because there is less leaching from healthy soils. Additionally, fewer trips across fields with farm machinery mean fewer emissions and better air quality.