J. Oliver Products, LLC has introduced Samurai II C.S. (Capsule Suspension), a 2.16 lb / gal. lambda cyhalothrin insecticide. Syngenta's Warrior II and Karate II with Zeon Technology are similar brand name products and formulation.  

"We're the first U.S. company to launch an alternate capsule suspension formulation of a 2.16 lb. lambda cyhalothrin insecticide,” said company owner James Oliver. "This capsule suspension is a micro-encapsulation, which is less irritating than other non encapsulated lambda cyhalothrin products. Additionally, Samurai II C.S. is labeled for all major crops, including corn, soybeans, cotton, rice and wheat."

Samurai II C.S. features:

  • Price that will make Samurai II C.S. a very profitable choice for growers,

  • U.V. protection -- longer residual -- improved control,

  • Less irritating to handlers over other non capsule suspended lambda cyhalothrin products,

  • Competitive label and broad spectrum control of insects,

  • 2.16 pounds of active lambda cyhalothrin per gallon in a capsule suspended formulation.

J. Oliver Products also continues to expand its line of sulfonylurea products. Oliver said, "With the success of our Mighty Met 60 (60 percent M.S.M. product), we are pleased to launch the following products:"

J. Oliver Products         Technical Ingredients                                 Similar Brands
Cherokee                     Thifensulfuron 75%                                    Harmony GT XP
Cherokee Extra            Thifensulfuron 50% + Tribenuron 25%       Harmony Extra XP
Unite Tank Mix            Thifensulfuron 40% + Tribenuron 10%       Affinity Tank Mix
Unite Broad Spec.        Thifensulfuron 25% + Tribenuon 25%        Affinity BroadSpec
Bighorn                         Tribenuron 75%                                        Express XP
Mighty Met 60 DF        Metsulfuron Methyl 60%                          Ally

 Since launching the company in 2006 with only two products, J. Oliver Products has aggressively expanded its portfolio to 25 products today. "We've heavily reinvested into the company," Oliver said. "We're quickly building a portfolio based on the needs and demands of our customer base. The more our portfolio expands, the broader offering we have for our customers, who in turn ask us to add other products that are important to them. Our success is a reflection of how favorable our premium quality and premium packaging have been received by our customer base. We thank our customer base for its support, which enables us to continue building and servicing a comprehensive line of high quality, off patent agricultural chemicals."
J. Oliver Products uses active ingredients from the U.S., India, China and Europe. "All of our products are registered and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency," Oliver said. "We use four different state-of-the-art manufacturing plants.  Additionally, we're backed by some of the best formulation chemists in the industry.

 "Our premium quality products are available at an ag retail location near you. Please call our office at 662.429.7621 and we'll direct you to an ag retail outlet offering our products." For more product information, go to www.joliverproducts.com