Source: AgraQuest press release

Ballad Plus fungicide from AgraQuest is now registered for control of Asian soybean rust (ASR), powdery mildew, Cercospora, frogeye leaf spot, anthracnose and brown spot. Its unique mode of action is a patented strain of Bacillus pumilus (strain QST 2808). This is the best possible defense against developing fungicide resistance, says AgraQuest, who formulates and markets Ballad Plus. It is the leading manufacturer and marketer of biological agricultural fungicides.

Ballad Plus's patented strain of Bacillus pumilus (strain QST 2808) produces an antifungal amino sugar compound which disrupts cell metabolism and destroys cell walls, killing plant pathogens. It creates a zone of inhibition on plant surfaces, preventing pathogens from becoming established on the plant. This novel mode of action not only creates an effective fungicide, but also makes it very difficult for diseases to develop resistance when rotated in a control program with other registered fungicides.

In addition, this broad-spectrum fungicide has flexible uses (R1 or R3 stages) and can be tank-mixed with other crop-protection products. It leaves no residue.

Ballad Plus can be applied using two approaches:

1. In combination mix with strobilurin or triazole fungicides, to provide broader disease control and the highest yield increase. More than three years of field studies demonstrate Ballad Plus + strobi programs increase soybean yield an average of 4.6 bu./acre; or

2. Used alone for affordable disease control, providing average yield increases of 2.7 bu./acre in field studies, and the highest return on investment.

OMRI listed and NOP approved, Ballad Plus is the only fungicide listed for organic use that controls ASR.

Ballad Plus is a broad-spectrum product for the control or suppression of many important plant diseases and fits well into both conventional and organic production. It has the additional benefits of resistance management, short four-hour restricted entry intervals, compatibility with other products, no residue restrictions for export and safety to beneficial insects.

Ballad Plus is a flexible tank-mix option and complements standard disease-control programs. Its liquid formulation with high miscibility and compatible with registered products such as copper, sulfur and other foliar-applied micronutrients, insecticides and fungicides; and with non-penetrating, non-ionic products such as silicon surfactants.

Ballad Plus has a caution label (safest possible), with a four-hour REI and a 0-day PHI. Besides its safety to humans, plants and the environment, Ballad Plus is safe to beneficial insects and mites, thus fitting well into biologically based pest-management programs. It is exempt from residue-tolerance requirements, helping growers meet "clean" food
standards from independent scientific certification systems.

Ballad Plus is currently registered in the U.S. and can be applied using existing practices and equipment.

For more information contact Cesar Lamonega, Agraquest vice president of sales, at 530-750-0150 or on the Web at