Source: Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience announced that Poncho/Votivo seed treatment was approved for use on soybeans. Poncho/Votivo had received registration for use on corn last month. Poncho/Votivo is a new way to protect plant roots against nematodes, including soybean cyst nematodes, by using a biological barrier to prevent feeding, according to Bayer CropScience. Extensive testing has shown significant yield advantages in both crops — an average 6-8 bu/A gain in corn, and an average 1-2 bu/A gain in soybeans.

Soybean growers will soon have access to unparalleled protection, said Poncho/VOTiVO soybean product manager Marc Andrieux. "Soybean growers will have access to a powerful insecticide paired with broad-spectrum nematode protection — delivered directly on the seed," he says. "We're conducting large Research and Development trials this year to better explore its exact potential in soybeans."