Precision Impact Awards
2014 Ag Retailer Program


AgProfessional and the Agricultural Retailers Association have initiated the Precision Impact Awards to recognize local retailer operations or local management individuals for excellence in incorporating precision ag into their retail operations and their farmer customers’ operations. This award provides an outlet to show the public that ag retailers using precision ag technology are promoting good stewardship and are responsible environmentalists.

A winner from each of three regions—Plains/West, North and South—will be presented an award and have their local operation highlighted for exceptional achievement. See the map for regional boundaries. (If service is provided across borders, the retail operation will be in competition with other operations in the region where the headquarters is located.)

Winners Receive

Nomination Deadline: September 15, 2014

Judging Criteria Related to Use of Technology

Provide descriptions, explanations and support that addresses the criteria noted below. A judging panel made up of sponsors and university experts will evaluate each operation

The bullet points are to stimulate ideas about what a company is doing in each category, rather than individual questions to be answered.

Input Efficiency

Grower Engagement and Encouragement of Customer Use

Stewardship for the Environment

Overall Innovative Use of Precision Technologies

Bottom-line Profitability for Company and Customers

Nomination Form