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Adams Fertilizer Equipment
Adams will be showcasing our newest version of our M3-SA side auger trailer tender, with several new user friendly features, such as control center relocation, all hydraulic doors and new front fenders. We will also be bringing our newest vertical blenders, the 13 ton lo-pro and the 16 ton HEAVY. Also we will have our 2 newest lime/fertilizer spreaders featuring the adjustable row and the PTO assist self-contained hydraulic system. Along with other high quality dependable products which has been a staple in the industry for 40 plus years

AGCO Application Equipment
AGCO continues to lead the industry in providing advanced application equipment solutions with its TerraGator high-volume flotation applicator and RoGator high-clearance applicator. The 2012 TerraGator includes the continuously variable transmission (CVT), the first-to-market Tier 4i-compliant engine and an AGCO POWER 8.4-liter diesel engine. This cutting-edge technology yields higher horsepower while significantly boosting fuel economy to only 1 to 2 gallons per hour. You also don’t want to miss the debut of the new Tier 4i-compliant model year 2012 RoGator, which offers significant enhancements and design improvements over previous models. The new RoGator models feature seven speed ranges that allow operators to better match machine speed with field conditions. Join AGCO Application Equipment at MAGIE to see and experience these new innovations at their display, lot number 619.

Case IH
For the 2012 model year, Case IH unveils its newest offering at MAGIE-the Patriot 4430 sprayer.  This new 1,200-gallon model comes to market with an enhanced powerplant, featuring a Case IH FPT 8.7 liter engine with 325 base horsepower and a peak horsepower rating of 356-providing more than enough power to handle those tough field conditions. The new engine is Tier 4a compliant, using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to meet emissions requirements, and is tuned for maximum power and superior fuel economy. In addition, the Surveyor cab receives enhancements — with an increase in cab area to an industry leading 132 cubic feet and 90.1 square feet of total glass for unmatched legroom and visibility. For added productivity, equip the Patriot 4430 with the exclusive AIM Command spray system, AutoBoom boom height control, AccuBoom boom section control, and AFS AccuGuide autoguidance options. To learn more about the Patriot 4430, and take the opportunity for some seat time in the newest addition to the Case IH sprayer line at the ride-and-drive, visit the Jenner Sales exhibit at this year’s MAGIE show.

Dalton Ag Products
The Mobility 8 Ton Row Crop Dry Fertilizer Spreader is built “rugged” for today’s high-speed agricultural world. The large capacity gives us more acres per fill and out-distances the competitor’s. Lug-type tractor tires reduce compaction and side hill drift. Adjustable axle and 46-inch lug tires gives you ground clearance of 40 inches under spinners and 47 inches under the frame, which allows you to go over the top of standing crop and will fit most row widths. Another high-class spreader in the Mobility line to fit any budget for dependable field performance — season after season. Contact Dalton Ag Products at 800-342-7498. You may also visit our Web site at

Enviropac Inc.
Enviropac Inc. is a major supplier of products to the fertilizer industry — providing products and services for more than 15 years. Products include storage tanks, seed treaters, containment systems and Enviro-Coat Rust Resister.

Storage Tanks
Enviropac Inc. supplies storage tanks for the fertilizer and industrial markets. Tanks include fiberglass, mild steel, stainless steel and poly. In addition, we supply the Hunter Plia-Tank, with capacities to 600,000 gallons. Tanks are available in standard or custom design for each specific application. With the cost of steel increasing dramatically, fiberglass tanks are the tank of choice for many dealers.

Enviro-Coat Rust Resister
Enviropac Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of Enviro-Coat Rust Resister, which extends the life of new and old steel tanks. The product provides interior protection for mild steel fertilizer tanks. Fertilizer products are corrosive and cause rusting and early tank failure. Enviro-Coat floats on the fertilizer, coats the sidewalls of the tanks and provides year-long protection.

Highway Equipment
At the 2011 MAGIE show, New Leader will highlight the versatility and profitability of New Leader Crop Nutrient Applicators. Attendees will be invited to check out stations covering the latest trends and hot topics in fertilizer, micronutrients and seeding, and lime. The first 200 attendees will get a free gift for stopping at each station. Additionally, New Leader will be showcasing three pieces of equipment: the L4000G4 single bin spreader, ideal for combination fertilizer and lime application; the L4000G4 with MultiBin insert, which allows operators to spread up to four products simultaneously, including micronutrients and seeding; and the L4000G4 single bin, high performance (HP) spreader, ideal for high-output lime application. New Leader also invites attendees to stop by between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. for a free lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers and chips. (While supplies last.)

John Deere
New 4940 Sprayers Showcased at MAGIE
John Deere will demonstrate and display several of the new 4940 Self-Propelled Sprayers, along with many other ag service products, at the 2011 MAGIE Show. The 4940 Sprayer is the largest, most advanced applicator from John Deere and comes Direct Injection Ready. It features a 120-ft. boom with 11 independent sections controlled manually or automatically with Swath Control Pro; GreenStar 3 2630 Display for the most advanced system control and documentation; 1,200-gallon solution tank and 300-cubic ft. dry box spreader; optional LoadCommand and many integrated precision application technologies. Several 4940 Sprayers with the JDLink machine monitoring system, which helps retailers and applicators better manage equipment operation, logistics and service needs in real time from remote locations, will be demonstrated. In addition, you’ll see 2510 Nutrient Applicators, a new anhydrous tank with PitStop Pro, skid steer loaders and much more. Stop by the John Deere exhibit during the MAGIE Show to learn more about the latest products available to ag service providers.

Marcus Construction Company
Since 1956, Marcus Construction Company has been serving agriculture with quality storage facilities for grain, and dry or liquid fertilizer. From conventional facilities to river and port terminals, you can count on Marcus to get the job done on time and on budget. As a family owned and operated business located in Central Minnesota, Marcus Construction understands the demands of agriculture and combines the latest technology with knowledgeable, caring employees to complete the job. Our goal on every project is to deliver quality construction with superior materials, and maintain a strong focus on your budget and schedule. It’s no wonder why 75 percent of our business is repeat or customer referral work. Check us out online at or call today 1-800-367-3424 for a free project consultation.

Mid-State Tank Co. Inc.
Mid-State Tank has been a proud sponsor of MAGIE for the past 25 years and June 2011, Mid-State Tank celebrated its 25-year anniversary. Mid-State Tank is a major supplier of stainless steel tanks for the agricultural industry and looking forward to a lasting relationship with our customers. This year Mid-State Tank will be displaying some of their most popular stainless steel agricultural tanks, along with a 5000 gallon stainless steel UL142 bulk chemical tank. Please stop by booth #508 and help Mid-State Tank celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Raven Industries
Raven and Slingshot Featured Products
Slingshot is revolutionizing farming by enabling other precision ag equipment to do what they do, only better. Important service options include the industry’s most robust wireless RTK system, in-cab online services with high-speed Internet access with no line-of-site limitations, secure data transfer/management services for near-instant transfer of production/prescription data, and the new Fleet View wireless service for improved fleet monitoring/management and data sharing. Compatible with Raven AND non-Raven equipment/software thanks to Slingshot’s Application Programming Interface — an industry first! Other cutting edge Raven products on display: The new Envizio Pro II field computer with full system capabilities for growers, Raven’s SmartYield yield monitoring/mapping system, AccuFlow HP for optimum NH3 applications, the new Cruizer II RTK guidance system, Raven’s OmniRow advanced planter control system with revolutionary capabilities, and the Viper Pro field computer, now AgX compliant and still the industry leader for power and performance — another industry first!

SST Software
SST Summit Professional and Stratus
Providing a complete package for mapping, recordkeeping and reporting, SST Summit Professional and Stratus avoid the restrictions of Web-based systems and limitations of desktop systems by giving you the best of both. Seamlessly backup data and sync with colleagues, utilize the power of the cloud with automated data processing, and advanced analysis through FarmRite. Create consistent branded recommendations in the office or the field, edit and export to your controller of choice.

The standard for efficiency and quality control. FarmRite empowers your professionals with the capabilities of a high-end GIS without the time investment and learning curve of processing data themselves. Variable rate recommendations, advanced yield analysis and complex comparison reports automated for faster delivery allow more time with customers. Provide consistent deliverables finely tuned to your growers’ needs while management gains better understanding through aggregate reporting.

Stueve Construction Company
Stueve Construction Company has been an industry leader for 50+ years in the construction of dry fertilizer storage facilities, our “sole” business focus (unlike others) has been specializing in the construction of new plants, additions and remodeling of existing plants. We offer to our clients in-house engineering, experienced foremen and project managers and knowledgeable staff to finding a practical building solution that fits your business needs, timeline and budget. Our “Next Generation in Dry Fertilizer Storage Technology and Design” can last a lifetime in your operation.

Conventional Plants
For smaller to intermediate storage capacities 300 to 8,000 ton, Stueve Construction facilities are design built for your specific needs. Our buildings will meet your needs not ours when being planned and constructed! We don’t offer the cookie cutter approach like others. These facilities are flexible, durable, cost- effective, expandable and time-tested.

Hub Plants
For larger storage capacities of 8,000 to 100,000+ ton that can be positioned on rail or water, we offer “state of the art” structures that are rod-less in bin design, permanent, long term, expandable, operational and cost efficient. We will team up with your equipment company of choice to find the right building and equipment solutions that will meet your needs and expectations. Bottom line…Our experience can offer you practical solutions with “peace of mind.”  

Waconia Manufacturing
For dry fertilizer blending and conveying equipment, systems, plant layout and engineering — call Waconia Manufacturing first. Need a floor blender? Our vertical, rotary and orbital blenders set the industry standards for reliability, performance and value. Need conveyors? Our engineering and manufacturing staff will make sure the conveyors we deliver provide the ultimate in efficiency, capacity and longevity. Or maybe you’re thinking about a Waconia Tower system or Wholesale Tower. We have incredibly efficient towers for retail plants with outputs from 60 to 150 tons per hour. Larger facilities may require larger Tower Systems with overhead capacity of up to 275 tons and throughputs up to 350 TPH. One hundred percent customer satisfaction is the golden rule at Waconia Manufacturing. Stop by our booth and we’ll prove it. Our sales and engineering staff are thoroughly involved with your project and special needs from beginning to end. That’s why we’re so confident the facility, equipment and services we deliver will live up to your highest expectations. We will provide the best fertilizer blending and handling equipment to fit your needs and budget.

Boom flushing is easy with the NEW Compact ½ turn, 90-degree molded BOOM END FLUSH VALVES. Multiple COMBO-RATE bodies can be mounted at each location to spray with one tip or combination of COMBO-JET tips for a wide droplet spectrum to improve coverage, drift control and results. New COMBO-RATE II saddle/body designs fit bottom feed tubes.
QUICK-NUT SST thin wall spray boom tubes and O-ring seal sweep fittings available in custom lengths and hole spacing’s in 1” and ½” sizes increase sprayer capacity. New individual row ISO flow indicators with ¼ turn inlet caps use the same O-ring seal outlet fittings as the familiar manifold design. Inlets and outlets options include hose barb, NPTF and New push-in tube connections. Fertilizer Caps and Hose Drops are available in various lengths to fit COMBO-JET, square lug and NPT bodies for fertilizer applications. The website has online automated computer tools to help pick tips, caps, metering discs, and flow indicator balls and useful information.

Yargus Manufacturing Inc.
Yargus, the leader in bulk blending and material handling systems, will be featuring a variety of products inside its large tent at the 2011 MAGIE show. Yargus has several new features on existing blending systems that they want to introduce to you this year at the MAGIE Show. With a complete in-house engineering staff, they are able to offer the best custom design for your existing or new warehouse facility. Blending systems include the high speed Volumetric and Declining Weight Blender, Tower Blender, Tapered Vertical Blender, Rotary Drum Blender and Open Top Blend Systems. Yargus also provides a very complete line of Conveyor and In-Plant Receiving Systems in a wide range of capacities, enabling them to cater to all sizes of facilities and projects. Don’t forget to stop by the Yargus booth for your complimentary goodie bag and free drinks!