Key Issues Perspective

Key Issues Perspective

Farmers hard to convince about herbicide weed resistance

10/02/2011 10:40:00 AM

Seeing is believing when it comes to weed management failure, but farmers who haven’t seen the... Read more.

One-pass pre-emergence weed control is definitely possible

09/01/2011 9:35:00 AM

The use of a pre-emergence herbicide in weed control for corn production has received new emphasis... Read more.

Triangle Means More Fungicide on Corn

08/08/2011 10:30:42 AM

More and more corn growers around Pratt, Kan., are making a fungicide application to their corn, said... Read more.

Reaching for soybean yield potential using an insecticide-fungicide tankmix

07/15/2011 1:30:00 PM

Delayed planting might lower soybean yields, but it isn’t likely to affect the timing or need... Read more.

Doublecrop Soybeans Allow Resistant Weeds Clean Up

05/13/2011 9:17:33 AM

As glyphosate-resistant weeds continue to spread, this year’s soybean market could be a godsend for... Read more.

Key Issues Perspective

04/15/2011 1:15:42 PM

Low-Use-Rate Products Have the Advantage The trend is toward low-use-rate crop protection products that are not... Read more.

Key Issues Perspective: Big increase in V5 fungicide application

03/15/2011 9:57:06 AM

Putting a fungicide in the sprayer tank when a glyphosate herbicide application... Read more.

Key Issues Perspective

01/01/2011 11:24:48 AM

Industry introduces new fungicide to help meet yield potential As yield expectations are being pushed higher... Read more.

Key Issues Perspective: Safeners could help grow 300-bushel corn

11/01/2010 9:33:10 AM

Herbicide safeners to protect crops from herbicide injury aren’t new, but better ones are being... Read more.

Preserving glyphosate for no-till is a goal

10/01/2010 3:29:06 PM

A large percentage of corn growers are no-tilling their corn, and many made the switch with the introduction... Read more.

Stopping the nematode comeback

09/01/2010 10:40:30 AM

Problem nematodes were controlled to some degree by soil-applied insecticides until recently, but in the... Read more.

Disease triangle means more fungicide on corn

07/01/2010 7:51:05 AM

More and more corn growers around Pratt, Kan., are making a fungicide application to their corn, said... Read more.

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