A revolutionary group of insecticides hit the U. S. market during the early nineties. This group is known as the neonicotinoids and presently includes brand names such as Admire, Provado, Platinum, Actara, and Assail manufactured by, Bayer, Syngenta and Cerexagri. These insecticides are labeled on many crops, including fruits, vegetables, turf and ornamentals and some row crops. A wide range of pests is controlled including some of the most crop limiting that we have. This list includes the silverleaf whitefly, Colorado potato beetle, many species of aphids and, many thrips, weevils, psyllids, leafhoppers, etc. The products are environmentally friendly and are in EPA's Reduced Risk category.

The systemic activity of these pesticides allows several application methods to be used. For example, drench applications systemically control pests giving up to 6 to 9 weeks of control, while foliar applications have provided 1 to 2 weeks of residual control. Foliar applications are absorbed rapidly into the leaf and move through the leaf to provide control on the leaf undersides. Growers must follow strict Resistance Management Guidelines to keep the crop limiting pests susceptible to this valuable insecticide group. In my next Crop Talk I will describe what some Florida growers are doing to maintain pest susceptibility to the neonicotinoids.