a)      Moisture stress has the greatest effect during the 2 weeks before and after tassel emergence

b)      The most critical period is during pollination

i)        Moisture stress during this stage can cause up to 50% yield reduction

c)      Our corn is currently using 0.25 to 0.30” of water per day


Effects of water stress during pollination:

a)      Silks emerging after pollen production has ended

b)      Some plants will not form any silks

c)      Exposed silks can dry out and not be receptive to pollen

d)      Reduced pollination due to lack of viable pollen

e)      Poor kernel set and ears with missing kernels


You can check for pollination by removing the husk and gently shaking the ear, to see if the silks fall away from the ear.


If the dry weather continues, we could also increase kernel abortion and decrease kernel weight.