Centrol has started a Water Management Division and there is a tremendous amount of interest concerning tile drainage in our area.


Tiling can improve the productivity of the acres that we currently farm, through:

1)      Increased yields

2)      Earlier planting

3)      More uniform seedbed moisture

4)      Better seed to soil contact

5)      Less compaction

6)      More timely field operations

7)      Less disease from wet soil

8)      Less N loss from denitrification

9)      Better root growth when soil is not waterlogged

10)   Lower salt levels

11)   Research shows that yields will increase by 10-15%, but experience shows increases in the 15-25% range

12)   More fun farming, when you don’t have to wait or get stuck


There can be bottlenecks in the process, permitting and design and there will probably be a shortage of tile for the next few years….


Give me a call, at 218-280-5733, if you would like to talk to one of our Water Management Consultants!