I just attended a webinar that had a segment on organic food….


It reminds me of an interesting article from a few years ago….


Here are some of the statistics from that article:

1)    The US consumes far more organic food than we produce.


2)    Organic food is grown on less than 1% of the US farmland acres (yields are also lower).


3)    About 4% of the food consumed in the US is organic.


4)    US organic food sales have increased from 4 billion dollars in 1997 to over 25 billion dollars in 2010.


5)    We import more organic food than we export.


The benefit of organic food is controversial, but there is a big market for it.


It is easy for conventional agriculture to pass it off as a fad, but there is a real demand and real profits that can be made!


As WalMart and other large corporations promote organic food (and make it more available) the demand will rise and put more pressure on the supply and the premium prices will probably continue.