We have had several seed meetings and there are many new varieties available.


Here are a few “take-aways”:


1)      The number of IDENTICAL varieties sold by different companies keeps increasing!

a)      This means that a variety that is sold under a certain name by one company can be EXACTLY the same as a variety sold by a different company

b)      This is important to know for 2 reasons:

i)        You could plant soybeans from several different companies and think that you are spreading out your risk, yet they could be the SAME variety!

ii)      By knowing this, you can maximize seed discounts!

c)      We have compiled an extensive database on this, that helps us select varieties


2)      There should be enough seed to go around, but we may not be able to get the exact varieties that we want


3)      With breeding programs getting more efficient, the best varieties “turn-over” more quickly


4)      There is an increased interest in Liberty Link soybeans


5)      Other herbicide tolerant traits will give more non-RR options in the future


6)      SmartStax and Double Pro corn only need a 5% refuge


7)      In 2012, there was considerable yield loss from Soybean Cyst Nematode and we should use more SCN resistant varieties