1)      Here is our current glyphosate status

a)      3 pints is now our “starter rate”

b)      2-3 applications are the norm

c)      We are not controlling Ragweed, Horseweed, Waterhemp and Kochia

i)        Kochia survived a 5 quart rate of glyphosate, in the greenhouse!

d)      Many growers are still unconcerned

i)        Many have not farmed without RR crops

ii)      Most do not pull weed escapes


2)      Management strategies for improving glyphosate activity

a)      Use RR technology as a foundation

i)        Use pre-emerge herbicides and tank-mixes

ii)      Rotate modes of action

iii)    Minimum rate of 3 pints of 3# glyphosate

(1)   Add a quality NIS, even if loaded

(2)   Always add AMS (preferably dry)


b)      Glyphosate BMPs to use BEFORE resistance:

i)        Take glyphosate resistance seriously!

ii)      6 hours before rain

iii)    Small weeds

iv)    Warm and humid

v)      Between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM

vi)    Concentrated spray droplets by lowering water volume

vii)  Minimal dew

viii)Minimize dust

ix)    Multiple applications

x)      Season long weed control of 99 to 100%


3)      Here are a couple pictures from 2012:

a)      Resistant Waterhemp       


b)      Resistant Kochia