We’ve been getting A LOT of questions concerning glyphosate resistance….


Weed scientists from MN and ND have focused on glyphosate resistant waterhemp.


Here are a few generic recs to show how serious this is:

1)      If fewer than 20 plants (PER FIELD!) survived glyphosate the previous year:

a)      Use multiple applications of a tank-mix of RR and conventional products

b)      Cultivation and hand labor need to be considered

2)      If over 20 glyphosate resistant plants per field (JUST 20 PER FIELD!) the previous year:

a)      Use a pre-emergence chemical

b)      Use multiple applications of a tank-mix of RR and high rates of conventional products

c)      Cultivation and hand labor will be required to maximize control


Waterhemp is spreading quickly in our area (along with 5 other glyphosate resistant weeds), so here’s some quick waterhemp math!

a)      A single waterhemp plant can easily produce 500,000 seeds!

i)        That means that just 1 resistant plant per acre would produce >10 plants per SQUARE FOOT!

b)      It quickly worsens in following seasons, so that is why it is critical to obtain 99 to 100% weed control