The following are several of the concerns and questions heading into a new year:

-          Resistant weeds continue to be a major concern.  Here in Nebraska alone the University of Nebraska now has recently confirmed 2,4-D and HPPD chemistry resistant waterhemp species.  Harder to control species such as waterhemp, kochia, giant ragweed and lambsquarter will have to be addressed.

-          Resistant or tolerant corn rootworm larvae, on some continuously planted corn fields, are not being adequately controlled by the corn hybrid rootworm traits.  A few concerns exist even on fields rotated with soybeans that supposedly are not from the northern rootworm diapause.  There is more interest and recommendations for additional insecticide to be applied at planting time.

-          Many unconventional products are now available to be added to starter fertilizers or applied post-emerge on corn and soybeans for added nutrient management.  Positive yield response is questionable most of the time.  Thoroughly scrutinize the test plot data. 

-          High land prices and cash rents will cut into the net profits.  This is especially challenging for the younger, less established farmers.