Some areas got down to 30 degrees, and it was calm and clear, so the frost was very spotty.


Here is a quick summary:

1)      Corn

a)      Most frosted plants should recover

i)      Many plants will lose the top leaves

ii)      Some new leaves may have trouble emerging, if they get wrapped up in the dead leaf tissue

b)      Some were frosted back to ground level

i)        Not many plants will die, since the growing point is underground until the 5 leaf stage

c)      There is a definite varietal difference in frost susceptibility, even though it is not well documented

d)      Frost injured corn could make stand evaluations more difficult


2)      Beets

a)      Few plants were hurt

b)      Some seedlings were yellowed


3)      Soybeans

a)      Soybeans were just emerging

b)      Areas with a lot of residue were hurt more, due to the cooler ground temps

c)      There could be some tough replanting decisions this week!